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Catberry was developed to help in creating "isomorphic" Web applications. Isomorphic applications are apps that use the same codebase to run from both server and client-side environments.

This means you write the code only once, and deploy it the way you want. Catberry handles all the differences between these two environments.

You will get Single Page Application using browser's History API. And back-end that renders exactly the same page on the server.

Here you can find full Catberry Documentation.

To get started with an example, please proceed to Get Started Guide.

If you want to try TodoMVC application, proceed to this link.


For more details please proceed to Catberry Documentation.

Also, you can see finished example application.

Browser Support

Catberry uses ECMAScript 5 and some HTML5 features like History API therefore it does not support old browsers at all. Catberry can render pages for any browser at the server, but Catberry's browser script does not work as SPA in old browsers.

The main goal of Catberry Framework is to use the full power of new technologies and provide user with the best experience.

Actually a user gets HTML page from the server only once and all the rest of the time the whole page is rendered in a browser receiving only pure data from some API service(s). Thanks to Catberry's very fast page rendering engine, user receives refreshed page as fast as API server could provide data for it.

All supported browsers are listed below:

Browser Version
IE 9 (partial non-SPA), 10+
IE Mobile 10+
Firefox 4+
Firefox Android 29+
Chrome 19+
Chrome Android 35+
Android Browser 2.2+, 4.2+
Safari 6+
iOS Safari 5+
Opera 12+
Opera Mobile 11.1+
Blackberry Browser 7+


There are a lot of ways to contribute into Catberry:

Denis Rechkunov